NEW, EXPANDED OFFICE LOCATION! Thanks for being patient while we remodeled our practice!

Thank you for your patience and confidence while my office was in a temporary location. I am very excited about the larger and nicer office I’ll be occupying as of February 28, 2010! It is attached to my new residence, but has a separate entrance and is much larger than the temporary space I’ve been using.

Office hours and events will continue in the Lernhart location until Thursday February 25, and resume in the new place on March 2 in the evening, when our fantastic women’s group meets.

My website will be undergoing major updates and additions in the coming months, but the web address will remain the same, as will my email address. I wanted to keep the same phone number, but for various reasons I had to get a new one. Please make a note of the new number, and look for announcements of an office open house plus other events in the near future!

After February 28 – call 707-266-1269 for information and appointments, and/or log onto

Best wishes,



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