My practice returns to California

While i am a native New Englander, in 2003 I became a transplant to the Napa Valley, one of the six Mediterranean type climates in the world. I was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis in 1992 at the age of 34. Eventually the climate of the northeastern United States became an environment that made life significantly more painful and difficult for me, so I dragged my family 3000 miles west. Five years later In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; various factors caused me to seek treatment back in New England where I stayed for 16 months. I had an excellent surgeon and a treatment option that was not available in Napa, but the winter was brutal, in fact each season had it’s beauty but none were both warm and dry, nor offered the stable barametric levels of the semi-arid central California region. As soon as i was declared cancer free I relocated back – and very little on earth could ever compel me to make that move again!

I have many friends and family members in New England, as well there is a wonderful and strong professional network. I miss those people and opportunities, however I am physically and mentally more functional and healthy in the climate of California. And as the saying goes – if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything…great people and professionals are everywhere – I am glad to be connecting and reconnecting with networks I’d been building here, before breast cancer interrupted my life.

When I left for treatment, I hadn’t known when I would be able to come back and I gave up my house. Im now temporarily living with family where I also have an office while looking for more permanent living and working space. I am open for business!

New episodes of “Hows your sex life” are being fimed and edited over the next few months -if you haven’t seen the first one, here’s the link!

While in New England I worked with Dr. Peter Pacik, a leading surgeon who is pioneering a new treatment for Vaginismus, a painful and too frequently undiagnosed condition. Here are links to 3 segments of my interview of him:

Part one:

part two:

part three:

Thanks for watching and stay tuned into – Hows YOUR sex life???


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