Meta study shows again – we are not automatically victims of our genes

Click on link (below) if you wish to read the full article about the depression gene, even if you are not prone to depression. This is one of several recent articles and reports showing that “genetic predispostion” may not be just that. New research and analysis of many research reports reveals that having a certain gene for depression or any other mental or physical ailment does not necessarily mean you will be a victim of that ailment, or if you are, that nothing can be done to change it. 

Developing science is showing that 1) people are individuals and do not always respond the same to genetics and 2) what we used to think was one gene making us more susceptible is incorrect – we have to look at an interaction of that gene with other factors in the persons make up and life.

The researcher of the linked article states concern that the single gene/predisposition theory is widely accepted and that pharmaceuticals are marketed according to the single gene theory and simplified versions thereof. A test being developed to find out if someone is more prone to depression, the researcher says, will be invalid if it is ever used.

This is just one of many emerging data about big corporate pharmacology, simplified theory, and watered down application of research that has become so incorporated into our health care system that many physicians and psychiatrists do not even question it, and prescribe drugs every day to people based upon faulty or old information. Just one more piece of evidence showing that, largely speaking, corporate pharmacology is in charge of what we call, our healthcare.,8599,1905083,00.html?xid=rss-topstories


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