New cure developing for painful sex (vaginismus)

5/09 Do you experience pain during sex? Do you have so much pain that intercourse is impossible, or excruciating? Have you been to a physician who has told you that nothing is wrong? You may be suffering with a real condition called Vaginismus. There IS treatment and it is NOT “all in your head.”  A few conditions can cause severe sexual pain even to the point of making intercourse impossible. Many women can’t get through a gynecological exam or use a tampon. Skin conditions, scarring, and other physical problems can cause sexual pain, but vaginismus is often undetected by physicians because they are not familiar with the one telltale physical symptom which is INVOLUNTARY spasms of a portion of the vagina near the opening. When looked for, these spasms can be triggered and easily observed when a patient is under anesthesia- it is NOT a consciously controllable condition. We do not know how many women suffer silently from vaginismus, but more and more are surfacing as new treatment approaches are developing and sufferers are “going public.” Women who have sought cures report trying everything from past life regression, hypnosis, counseling, bio-feedback, pelvic massage, pain control techniques with little, no, or limited success at great cost and effort.  A combination of therapy, relaxation techniques, and training oneself to use a series of “dilators” that gradually increase in size (they look like plain plastic vibrators) is a common combination treatment employed. A series of “kegel” exercises is also recommended as a way to gain control over the vaginal muscles. This is the only approach that was developed specifically for vaginismus and does not have empirically tested results. Most reports I have heard from women and other therapists is that it is unsuccessful. I would be happy to hear ANY success stories, meaning reports from women who say they are ‘CURED’ of vaginismus, from using this or other similar approaches. I have only heard that no matter what women try they cannot bring themselves to use the dilators, and that therapies and other techniques MAY have helped in other ways but did nothing to help their vaginismus. A few misconceptions about vaginismus have been printed in articles or heard on television shows, to the extent that any information about the condition has been publicized: one is that the condition is “all in your head.” Another is that the condition is caused by early life sexual abuse and or trauma of some kind. Or perhaps a strict upbringing and/or lack of sexual experience. These things COULD  be true for SOME people. There is NO scientific evidence, no studies that uphold these assumptions. Many people who have been abused or had a strict upbringing etc. do NOT have vaginismus. If you have not been abused but do experience this kind of terrible sexual pain – you may very well have vaginismus – the cause(s) of vaginismus are simply not  known with any certainty. The reported side effects are terrible, however – social and personal lives can be severely and negatively impacted. Some women have experienced inability to insert anything since their first attempt at using a tampon as a young teen. Some women discover on their wedding night that they cannot consummate their marriage – after waiting until that special night to try intercourse with anyone. Some women have tried through various relationships and been unable to include intercourse in their sex life no matter who they were with or what they tried. Some women used to be able to have intercourse, but after childbirth or another life event, or a reason they can’t even pinpoint, they now cannot tolerate any penetration. Relationships are very strained and may not survive; others may remain together for many years, struggling or simply managing despite disappointments, hopes, wishes, desires, and attempts. Some women report getting involved in bad relationships because they believe no one better will love or tolerate them since they cannot have intercourse. NEW HOPE, NEW APPROACH ~ Vaginismus needs a multifacted approach for healing, which means some counseling, and any other of the above things that a person might find helpful such as relaxation techniques, combined WITH what has been the missing component – a medical one. There IS now empirical evidence -meaning it  has been carefully, and with consistency, applied by qualified physicians who are keeping track – showing that a botox injection into the spasming muscles (done under anesthesia) stops the spasms and allows women to follow up using the plastic dilators that stretch the shortened muscles. Nearly 100% positive results are reported – PAINLESS INTERCOURSE IS TAKING PLACE between 2 weeks and 2 months after the botox injection and follow up program. This treatment is only being done by qualified physicians with specific training, and not many are yet providing it. You must seek professional guidance and referral. If you or someone you know has what sounds anything like vaginismus, there IS help and hope, even if they’ve tried before and  were not helped. Go to my website (lovehelp.US) or to Dr. Peter Pacik in Manchester New Hampshire. Women are flying in from all over the U.S. and other countries, and experiencing a CURE.  You don’t have to take my word or anyone’s. Information on new treatments is available. Real women are documenting their experiences. lovehelp.US,


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