21 days to resolution

Does your new year resolution fizzle out like flat champagne? Try the 21-day plan. Fitness experts have noted that exercising for 20 minutes, for 21 days in a row, is enough to create a habit for lasting change. 20 minutes isn’t an overwhelming commitment, so it’s achievable and realistic. 21 days – three weeks – doesn’t seem like a long time to do something every day. It is long enough, however, to develop the pattern for a new habit, and to show initial results. Results that are measurable, rewarding, and motivating. After the 21 days, it is therefor easier to continue with new habits even if not on a daily basis.  Neuroscience shows that the brain continues to grow and respond to changes in behavior, a fact which supports the 21-day plan. If fitness or weight loss isn’t your resolution, try it with some other activity you’ve been wanting to fit into your life. I have 4 days left on a fitness plan, and I can tell you it works! I’ve lost inches, gained strength and energy, and I’m getting more done in all areas of my life. Next I’m going to write for 20 minutes a day, for 21 days in a row. Maybe I’ll get that book written –  at 20 minute intervals!


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